Class #3

Our upcoming class: 

We shall have a look at the following video from Ted.Ed

We should also review the recordings of the meetings from the previous classes and see if we have new material. If not we should look for you to outline the presentations that you will be doing with your work partners. 




Class #1


Thanks for taking the time out to have our class. It was very enjoyable for me as well. 

We reviewed the listening for the meeting that we discussed in our previous lesson.

For homework you should complete the activity on this Ted talk:


  • bowtie (noun) 
  • “go ahead and INFINITIVE"
  • did some funky and strange deals with them…
  • My career is seamless web of well-made choices leading to only one conclusion 
  • I went through the motions (go through the motions)
  • Strip away
  • the nub of the argument…
  • a nice crisp message is usually more effective
  • screw-up the patent system
  • handcuffs that they have
  • when they left the nest…